Weshining Tech Shines at the 2023 High-Tech Fair, Providing a Chinese Solution for the Automation Upgrade of the Metal Polishing Industry

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The 25th China International High-Tech Achievements Fair (referred to as the High-Tech Fair) opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian) on November 15th. As China’s largest and most influential technology exhibition, the High-Tech Fair attracted more than 5,600 exhibitors and over 8,600 projects from 41 countries and regions. Among them, the Guangdong Academy of Sciences organized six affiliated units to exhibit 11 technological achievements, involving fields such as biology, medicine and medical devices, new energy, energy-saving technologies, new materials, optomechatronics integration, and advanced manufacturing.

Automated Metal Polishing Solution Debuts in the Guangdong Academy of Sciences Exhibition Area 

Weshining Technology, with its automated solution for polishing complex metal surfaces, made a debut at the High-Tech Fair’s Guangdong Academy of Sciences exhibition area, attracting widespread attention from the audience and media.

This time, the Guangdong Science and Technology exhibition area focused on the theme of “Building a complete innovation ecosystem and striving to create a globally influential highland of science, technology, and industrial innovation.” It highlighted Guangdong’s achievements as an important source of original innovation and a highland of advanced manufacturing industry innovation, comprehensively presenting the new progress and effectiveness of the province’s efforts in promoting scientific and technological innovation.

Automated Solution for Polishing Complex Metal Surfaces 

This technology not only uses neutral solid particles to replace the existing high-pollution and high-risk liquid electrolytes but also replaces the current electro-polishing plus mechanical polishing steps. It achieves one-step polishing for multiple workpieces , without damaging precision parts. It is a low-carbon, environmentally friendly, intelligent, and efficient next-generation polishing technology, suitable for post-processing of various 3D printed and CNC manufactured metal products, realizing full-process automation of metal manufacturing and processing, and providing a Chinese solution for the automation upgrade of the metal industry.

In the future, Weshining Technology will continue to adhere to the concept of green innovation, constantly improve and optimize technology, provide more efficient, environmentally friendly, and economical solutions for the metal surface treatment industry, contribute to the high-quality development of China’s manufacturing industry, and help Guangdong Province build a globally influential highland of science, technology, and industrial innovation.


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