Weshining Eco-Friendly Metal Surface Treatment Solution at IDEC 2023

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As a leading company in metal surface treatment industry, Weshining Technology proudly participated in Indonesia Dental Exhibition & Conference (IDEC) 2023 from 15–17 September 2023 at the Jakarta Convention Center. During the exhibition, Weshining Technology showcased its cutting-edge, environmentally friendly and automated metal surface treatment systems, garnering attention from numerous attendees and professionals.

Weshining Technology’s metal surface treatment system stands at the forefront of technological innovation. Through advanced processes and equipment, it efficiently polishes and treats metal surfaces, ensuring denture frames meet the highest quality standards. The systems are applicable to dental medical equipment and various other application fields, with a focus on green and eco-friendly practices, meeting customer demands for superior quality and long-lasting performance.

Weshining Technology excels through its superior production capabilities. Supported by national-level technology platforms, we primarily engage in research and development related to green metal surface treatment and its practical applications. The highly automated production lines not only enhance efficiency but also underscore our commitment to environmental sustainability, ensuring the sustainability of the manufacturing process.

Weshining Technology’s participation in the exhibition was a resounding success, underscoring our leadership position in the field of metal surface treatment. We look forward to providing Indonesia’s market and global customers with exceptional, environmentally friendly, and automated metal surface treatment technology, meeting customer needs and collectively shaping the future.

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