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Completing The Last Step Of Industry 4.0- Automated Metal Polishing Treatment

Weshining : Eco-Friendly Metal Surface Treatment Expert

Weshining is a pioneer in advocating environmental protection in metal polishing, and also a leading supplier of metal surface finishing for 3D printing and CNC cutting automation industries. With the innovative Weshining metal polishing machine, we are at the forefront of technology and quality in high-end metal polishing solutions.

Industry Insight: Lack Of Automated Metal Post-Processing In Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a new generation of industrial revolution centered on intelligent manufacturing, which requires high automation, digitization, and intelligence in all aspects of the industrial production process. However, in Industry 4.0, an important aspect is often overlooked, which is metal post-treatment.
At present, most metal post-treatment processes still rely on manual operations. It lacks automated and intelligent equipment and systems which will cause high costs, low efficiency, poor quality and environmental pollution in metal post-treatment.

Weshining focuses on the last step of the shortage in Industry 4.0 processes: automated metal post-processing.
Efficient And Environmentally Friendly Automated Metal Post-Treatment Solution

Ideal for precision and efficiency in 3d printing, CNC machining and other metal part processing

Our advanced treatments enhance the durability, performance, and aesthetic appeal of metal components, ensuring they meet the stringent quality standards demanded by modern manufacturing processes. By integrating seamlessly with existing production lines, our solutions offer a streamlined approach to achieving superior finishes, making them an indispensable asset for businesses looking to optimize their manufacturing capabilities and deliver products of unmatched quality.

Our system will significantly improve your production efficiency and product quality:

Weshining Plasma Polishing System

Explore our plasma polishing series products, explore the advantages of the system, and explore the range of application of metal materials.

Weshining Polymer Polishing System

Explore our polymer polishing products and their innovation and applications in metal materials.
We provide excellent services to our customers and collaborate with them in multiple fields:

Surface Treatment Services

Polishing material like stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy and other materials for tableware, stamping parts and die-casting parts.

Customized Production Line

Provide feasible technical and production line customized solutions for various hardware components.

Technical Research & Equipment Development

We have supports from provincial scientific research team and professional factories, which can cooperate with customers to solve production needs.

Laboratory Testing

We have advanced experimental equipment and experienced technician to provide testing services to customers.

Competence In Titanium & Stainless Steel

We have achieved significant technological breakthroughs and successful cases in processing stainless steel and titanium metal parts. Excellent surface quality, as well as high efficiency will be our competitiveness.


Titanium is hard, sturdy and wear-resistant, but difficult to polish due to its high thermal expansion rate. Weshining system can reduce the thermal expansion rate.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is durability and wear resistance. Due to its low conductivity, it is difficult to polish using traditional electrolytic techniques. Weshining system can enhance its conductivity through an oxide layer.
Ideal For Standardized And Batch Surface Finishing Of Industrial Metal Parts.

Weshining Production Advantages

9 years of experience in technology research and application, we have unparalleled production advantages.

High Quality Surface Smoothness And Brightness

We use the most advanced metal precision machining system to ensure the highest quality of metal surface treatment.

Specific features:

High Efficiency Polishing For Large Production

Our automated system replaces most manual operations and complete multiple polishing steps with minimal labor. This is a decisive advantage in the need for mass production.

Specific features:

More environmentally friendly and energy-saving solutions

Weshining system replaces traditional electrolytes with neutral media, which is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly polishing process.

Specific features:


We look forward to working together with you to improve the quality and performance of the products

General Purpose Workpieces

Material: Titanium alloy
Manufacturing : Additive Manufacturing
Polishing machine: Plasma Machine Series
Polishing time: 8mins

Before After

Industrial Part

Material: Stainless steel
Manufacturing : CNC machining
Polishing machine: CP900
Polishing time: 12mins

Industrial Part

Material: Stainless steel
Manufacturing : Metal 3d printing
Polishing machine: CP900
Polishing time: 15mins

Send Samples For Testing

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly and efficient solution for automated metal surface treatment? We sincerely invite you to personally observe and experience our products.

Choose The Suitable Models For Your Production Needs

Weshining industrial metal polishing system is designed for helping you to standardize your mass production lines. Our metal polishing machine is specifically designed for precision metal parts to do the precision finishing. We provide efficient and powerful solutions for high-quality and large quantity parts post-processing.

Plasma Machine

TP 950

High efficiency and affordable, suitable for small quantity metal component precision machining.
Plasma Machine

TP 200

For high-quality metal parts, with extremely high flexibility, capable of handling titanium and stainless steel.

Plasma Machine

SP 5000

Large capacity to increase productivity by 4 times, suitable for large-scale industrial product manufacturing.

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