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Customised Automated Production Lines

Fits Your Production Better

We provide efficient and intelligent customized automated production lines for manufacturing companies. Whether you are building a new factory or upgrading an existing production line, we can customize solutions to improve productivity, reduce costs, and ensure product quality.

Customised Solutions To Enhance Your Company Competitiveness

Expertise And Experience

We have wide knowledge in metal additive manufacture and rich expeirence in polishing printed metal parts. We have nearly 9 years in the design and the manufacturing of polishing system.We keep technological innovation to ensure we are at the forefront of the industry.

Polishing Solution For Different Industries

Weshining polishing machines is affordable and helps small, medium and large businesses in many industries, such as dental & medical, jewelry, aerospace,engineering.

Improve Efficiency

Weshining polishing system is designed for metal parts post-processing. As your partner, We can help you maximize the efficiency of your laboratory and manufacturing center with our polishing machine.

Get Customized Services

Our team is at your disposal and we’re glad to help you find the best polishing solution.

Weshining Customer Cases

Leading Luxury Goods Supplier Increases Productivity and Flexibility in Customization with Weshining Line

Weshining has addressed the challenge of production efficiency for our clients. Through an automated polishing process, customers can achieve efficient and consistent product polishing, thereby enhancing production speed.

Customization Process

How Weshining Supports Customers with the Customised Processes for metal finishing

Demand analysis
Understanding the customer's product type, quantity, quality requirements, production environment and other specifics
Solution design
According to the results of the demand analysis, the overall structure of the production line, process flow, equipment selection, control system and other detailed planning and design.
Equipment Manufacturing
According to the requirements of solution design, research and development of production equipment and consumables, equipment assembly, commissioning, testing, etc.
Installation and commissioning
Distribution and acceptance of equipment, interfacing and co-ordination with customers on other facilities and systems
After-sales support
Provide the necessary training, repair, maintenance and other services, timely solution of customer problems encountered in the process
Metal Polishing Systems, Materials and Solutions

Unique Features of the Weshining System

Weshining system offers unique advantages for metal polishing compared to traditional polishing processes.
Fast and Efficient

Weshining’s automated system replaces most manual operations, allowing multiple polishing steps to be completed with minimal labor. The system is designed for high efficiency.

Replacing toxic or corrosive chemical electrolytes with neutral and environmentally friendly media, causing no harm to the environment or human body.

Weshining plasma polishing system uses plasma generated by a high-frequency electric field to achieve high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision surface finishing.

The system is able to reach the blind space where machinery cannot reach. No damage of the workpiece edges and to achieve mirror surface.

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Weshining Polishing Is Your Reliable Partner in Green Surface Polishing

Weshining polishing system is designed for the post-processing of metal parts after casting, milling and additive manufacturing. As a professional polishing machine manufacturer in China, Weshining has been in innovative polishing technology over 9 years, handling projects of different scales and complexities from small to large production.

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Do you have any project requires metal polishing? We work on polishig metal parts of different materials, shapes and sizes. Contact us to discuss your needs!