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We're passionate and committed to continuously innovating metal surface polishing technology to benefit the world.

About Weshining

Providing Digital Manufacturing-Based Solutions For Precision Metal Surface Processing.

Guangzhou Weshining Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of precision metal surface processing equipment in China, a scientific research incubation enterprise of the Guangdong Academy of Sciences, focusing on R&D, manufacturing, sales, ODM, processing, and production line customization services. Weshining Technology provides excellent solutions for the digital manufacturing field, such as 3D printing, CNC control, etc. In the era of digital mass production, Weshining Technology effectively connects front-end digital manufacturing with back-end automated post-processing, filling the gap in the automated post-processing link in Industry 4.0.

Enterprise Culture

Our mission

Technological advances benefit the world.

Our value

Honesty, reliability, cooperation and progress.

Our vision

A leading provider for green polishing solution for metal surface treatment.

Technical R&D team

Weshining has support from national technology platforms, provincial institute and research workstations. The team engaged in this technology is one of the earliest teams to start research on green metal finishing. Our technology research and development team also work close with domestic and foreign universities and institutions, together with industry leaders to promote technological progress and innovation.

Weshining's research achievements presented at the 25th China International Hi-Tech Fair
Weshining participated in the 2nd China Postdoctoral Entrepreneurship Competition
Weshining accepts government media coverage

Sales and after-sales team

We have a professional and dynamic sales team as well as an efficient and responsible after-sales team. We are customer-centric, focusing on customer satisfaction and loyalty. We also maintain good communication and feedback with customers, timely understand their needs and opinions and continuously improve our equipment and services.

Sales team
After-sales service

Product Quality

We continuously improve product quality based on customer needs, providing customers with safer, more reliable, and environmentally friendly metal finishing solutions. We got the certifications, including EU CE, ISO 9001 and MSDS.

Sustainable Development

Behind the mission of “Technological advances benefit the world” is the Weshining team, which is firm and committed to practicing environmental fiendly metal finishing through product innovation.

The certification of MSDS chemical safety certification, ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO50001 occupational health system confirms Weshining’s concept of sustainable development.

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