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Weshining is a pioneer in environmental protection in the field of metal polishing and also a leading manufacturer of metal surface finishing machines for 3D printing and CNC industries. Our innovative metal polishing solutions are at the leading edge of high-end quality market.

Standardized And Mass Production Metal Precision Finishing Solutions

The industries like consumer electronics, communication and computers are short product development cycles and severe homogenization. In order to improve product competitiveness, the optimal metal surface treatment solution has become an urgent need.

Weshining provides highly competitive metal post processing solutions to address the challenges faced by the consumer eletronic industry.
Surface treatment solutions for the high-performance consumer eletronic industry

Standardized And Mass Production Metal Precision Finishing Solutions

Weshining provides standardized metal polishing solutions for the consumer eletronic industry. We adopt an innovative polishing system that can efficiently and accurately process various complex shaped metal parts. It improves the durability and aesthetics of metal parts and reduce production costs and time.This will help your product win the market.

With Our Systems, It Will Significantly Improve Your Production Efficiency And Product Quality:

Weshining Plasma Polishing System

Explore our plasma polishing products: The advantages of our system and the applications.

Weshining Polymer Polishing System

Explore our polymer polishing products: The innovation of our system and the applications.
We provide excellent services to our customers and collaborate with them in multiple fields:

Surface Treatment Services

Industrial parts of Stainless steel、titanium or titanium alloys、cobalt chromium, nickel made by additive manufacturing, CNC cutting, stamping, and die-casting

Tailored Service

Provide feasible technical development and customized production line solutions for various consumer electronics parts

Technology Research And Development

Support from provincial scientific research team tosolve production needs.

Laboratory Testing

We have advanced experimental equipment and experienced technicians to provide testing services to customers.
Weshining Metal Polishing Solution Has Unrivaled Advantages

Material Advantages:Competence In Titanium & Stainless Steel

We have achieved significant technological breakthroughs and successful cases in processing stainless steel and titanium metal parts. Excellent surface quality, as well as high efficiency will be our competitiveness.


Titanium is hard, sturdy and wear-resistant, but difficult to polish due to its high thermal expansion rate. Weshining system can reduce the thermal expansion rate.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is durability and wear resistance. Due to its low conductivity, it is difficult to polish using traditional electrolytic techniques. Weshining system can enhance its conductivity through an oxide layer.

Production Advantages

Rich experience in research and application, we have unparalleled production advantages.

High Quality Surface Smoothness And Brightness

The most advanced metal precision machining system to ensure the highest quality of metal surface treatment.

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Innovative Systems To Increase Production Efficiency

Our automated system replaces most manual and complete multiple polishing steps with minimal labor. It is decisive advantage for mass production.

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Environmental Protection And Safety

Our system does not require the chemicals or electrolytes, making it a more sustainable and environmentally friendly polishing process.

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We look forward to working together with you to improve the quality and performance of the products.

Before After

Bluetooth Headset Cover Accessories

Material: Titanium alloy
Manufacturing : Cast
Polishing machine: TP200
Polishing time: 12mins

Fashion Accessories

Material: Stainless steel
Manufacturing : Metal 3d printing
Polishing machine: CP900
Polishing time: 15mins

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Are you looking for an environmentally friendly and efficient solution for automated metal surface treatment? We sincerely invite you to personally observe and experience our products.

Recommended Model For Consumable Eletronic Parts

SSL Plasma Machine

Fast And Efficient:Sp5000

Suitable for large-scale industrial parts manufacturing. It helps increase productivity by four times
SSL Plasma Machine

Fast And Affordable:Cp900

High production efficiency and affordable, suitable for precision machining of small amount metal parts.

Combo Plasma Machine

Flexible And Efficient:Tp100

Flexible model, capable of handling titanium and cobalt chromium.

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