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Batch metal finishing services based on production requirements.
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Weshining's Processing Services

Stand out for the exceptional productivity.

Our experienced team is capable of completing high-volume metal finishing tasks in the shortest time. Metal finishing is a critical step that affects the appearance and quality of the final product. We utilize state-of-the-art finishing equipment and techniques to ensure that the surface of your product is smooth and shiny. Moreover, our finishing services can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Choosing The Right Metal Finishing Process For Your Parts

Plasma Polishing System

Environmentally friendly And Efficient Solution To Replace Traditional Electrolytic Polishing

Weshining plasma polishing technology is an advanced method that uses plasma to remove nanoscale materials from metal surfaces, making the surface smooth and shiny. Its material removal speed is 10-30 times faster than traditional electrolytic polishing. No corrosive chemicals, no harmful emissions. It is currently an ideal choice for 3D printing or additive manufacture metal to do finishing in a reliable and environmentally friendly way.

Polymer Polishing System

Innovative Polishing System With New Media

Weshining polymer is a polishing system suitable for high efficiency and excellent surface treatment. With our own-developed media,it accurately removes substances at rough peaks and maintain the part’s shape.Whatsmore,it handles blind corners that cannot be touched by mechanical polishing to achieve the best effect of uniform and high glossiness in surface treatment.

Complementary Pairs

Optimizing efficiency and quality

The Complementary Pairs is Weshining’s solution for industry value. It helps customers build digital production faster and better to realize business innovation and transformation.


We look forward to working together with you to improve the quality and performance of the products.

Before After

Bluetooth Headset Cover Accessories

Material: Titanium alloy
Manufacturing : Cast
Polishing machine: TP200
Polishing time: 12mins

Before After


Material: Stainless steel
Manufacturing : Stamped parts
Polishing machine: SP5000
Polishing time: 8mins

Before After

Industrial Part

Material: Stainless steel
Manufacturing : CNC machining
Polishing machine: CP900
Polishing time: 12mins

Before After


Material: Titanium alloy
Production: 3D printing
PolishingModel: TPSeries
Polishing time: 12mins

Before After

Bone implant

Material: Titanium alloy
Manufacturing : 3D Metal Printing Polishing machine: TP900
Polishing time: 12mins

Before After

Skeletal Implants

Material: Titanium alloy
Manufacturing : Additive Manufacturing Polishing machine: TP100
Polishing time: 12mins

How Weshining Provide Processing Service

Metal polishing has never been easier.

Weshining team is here at your disposal.

Demand analysis
To know your specifics of workpiece type, quantity and quality requirements.
Process combinations
Based on the results of the demand analysis, design a appropriate polishing solution.
Material Selection
According to the material properties and structure of the workpiece, select the suitable polishing media to achieve optimum quality and productivity for you.
Sample Testing
Sample testing is performed prior to mass processing. We will keep in communication with you throughout the process and optimize it with adjustments based on your expectations and needs.
Mass polishing and delivery
When the samples are approved, the automated mass polishing process will be carried out and delivered after completing product quality inspection.
Metal Polishing Systems, Materials and Solutions

Highlights of the Weshining System

Weshining system offers unique advantages for metal polishing compared to traditional polishing processes
Fast and efficient

Unlike manual polishing,Weshining polishing system takes only 3 steps, even new staff can do parts mirror bright.
It save not only your time and also save labor cost.Weshining’s automated system replaces most manual works, allowing multiple polishing steps to be completed with minimal labor. The system is characterized by high efficiency and speed.

Traditional method is harmful to staff.Weshining polishing, using neutral and environmentally friendly media,instead of toxic or corrosive chemical electrolytes,no harm to the environment or body.

Weshining polishing uses plasma generated by a high-frequency electricity to achieve a high-precision surface finishing.

The system is able to reach the blind places where machinery can’t reach. Weshining polishing system handle the complext shapes parts easily without damaging the edge of the parts.

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Weshining Polishing ls Your Reliable Partner In Green Surface Polishing

Weshining polishing system is designed for the post-processingof metal parts after casting, milling and additive manufacturingAs a professional polishing machine manufacturer in China,Weshining has been in innovative polishing technology over 9years, handling projects of different scales and complexities fromsmall to large production.

Get Metal Polishing Services

Do you have any project requires metal polishing? We work on polishig metal parts of different materials, shapes and sizes. Contact us to discuss your needs!