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Weshining is a pioneer in environmental protection in the field of metal polishing and also a leading manufacturer of metal surface finishing machines for 3D printing and CNC industries. Our innovative metal polishing solutions are at the leading edge of high-end quality market.

Industry Insight: Medical Parts Extremely High Requirements For Metal Surface Treatment Due To Their Unique Application And Materials

Medical parts are usually made of tough, slow wear and corrosion-resistant metals, such as titanium and chromium alloys. There are certain difficulties to polish for these materials, such as titanium, which is difficult to process due to its high thermal expansion rate.
In addition,the medical parts are used or directly implanted into the human body, there are extremely high requirements for the surface treatment of the workpiece, such as surface smoothness, biocompatibility, corrosion resistance and aesthetics.

Weshining provides safe and reliable metal surface finishing solutions tailored to the unique characteristics of the healthcare industry.
Safe And Reliable Metal Surface Treatment Solutions For The Healthcare Industry

Materials Used for Medical Casting and Precision Machining Parts

Products and instruments used in medical and dental fields are under strict regulation to ensure they can perform the task as intended while keeping patients safe in the process. And that’s where our eco-friendly metal polishing can help. Metal polishing procedures don’t just help improve the overall quality, but they can also help enhance product longevity, enhance durability, and make it more sterile to boot.

Our system will significantly improve your production efficiency and product quality:

Weshining Plasma Polishing System

Explore our plasma polishing series products, explore the advantages of the system, and explore the range of application of metal materials.

Weshining Polymer Polishing System

Explore our polymer polishing products and their innovation and applications in metal materials.
We provide excellent services to our customers and collaborate with them in multiple fields:

Surface Treatment Services

We undertake surface processing services for medical device parts, and can polish implants, bone nails, and bone splints made of titanium alloy, cobalt chrome alloy, and other materials.

Customized Production Line

We can develop automated polishing solutions to fit your needs for the customized processes required for critical medical components.

Technical Research & Equipment Development

We have supports from provincial scientific research team and professional factories, which can cooperate with customers to solve production needs.

Laboratory Testing

We have advanced experimental equipment and experienced technician to provide testing services to customers

Competence In Titanium

Weshining is a leading supplier for post-treatment of titanium and titanium alloys. Titanium metal is difficult to polish due to its high thermal expansion rate. With the help of Weshining system, you will achieve excellent surface results.

1. Uniform And Consistent Smoothness

Smooth surface improves the performance of medical parts (such as antibacterial and durability) and patient comfort.

2. Overall Polishing With Controllable Wear And Tear

This avoids the problem of uneven polishing and keeps the shape of the workpiece unchanged.

3. Meet Medical Device Safety Standards

The environmentally friendly processes that do not contain hazardous chemicals to prevent harmful substances from remaining on the surface.

With Weshining System, Titanium Metal Post-Processing Is No Longer Difficult To Standardize

Weshining Production Advantages

Rich experience in research and application, we have unparalleled production advantages.

High Quality Surface Smoothness And Brightness

We use the most advanced metal precision machining system to ensure the highest quality of metal surface treatment.

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High Efficiency Polishing For Large Production

Our automated system replaces most manual operations and complete multiple polishing steps with minimal labor. This is a decisive advantage in the need for mass production.

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Certified Environmental Protection And Safety

Weshining system replaces traditional electrolytes with neutral media, which is an environmentally friendly and safe polishing process, confirmed by certifications including EU CE, ISO 9001, and MSDS.

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We look forward to working together with you to improve the quality and performance of the products.

Before After

Bone implant

Material: Titanium alloy
Manufacturing : 3D Metal Printing Polishing machine: TP900
Polishing time: 12mins

Hip Joint

Material: Titanium alloy
Manufacturing : 3D Metal Printing Polishing machine: TP100
Polishing time: 15mins

Before After

Skeletal Implants

Material: Titanium alloy
Manufacturing : Additive Manufacturing Polishing machine: TP100
Polishing time: 12mins

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Are you looking for an environmentally friendly and efficient solution for automated metal surface treatment? We sincerely invite you to personally observe and experience our products.

Choose the suitable models for your production needs

Plasma Machine for Co-Cr


High efficiency and affordable, suitable for small metal parts in dental and medical business.

Plasma Machine for Ti


Affordable desktop model, suitable for the dental labs and medical industries.

Plasma Machine for both Ti and Cocr


Combo model for handling Titanium and Cobalt Chromium parts need mirror surface.

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