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Today’s dental polishing case

Cobalt-chrome metal denture frames ready for post processing

RPD from customer for testing

Let’s see how Weshining help:

Step 1. Remove the oxide layers

After sandblasting, there are still some oxide layers on the surface of denture frames. We will do some quick treatment to remove oxide layers.

All samples are ready to polish by CP-1500.

Samples after pre-work

Step 2. Polishing by Weshining CP-1500

After the preparation process, 4pcs RPD samples were attached on one hanger and put into the machine. Then Set the mode, press the start button and leave it to Weshining CP-1500 to do all the polishing, you can go to manage other stuffs.

Step 3. Clean with water

After 80mins polishing, take out all the samples and wash in clean water. All finished.

Samples finished polishing

After polishing, the sample surfaces are uniform and smooth, achieving the ultimate mirror performance with high gloss. The mirror-polished cobalt-chrome denture frames not only resist corrosion and oxidation and reduce dental plaque, but also improve aesthetic comfort and extend service life.

Weshining automated metal polishing system was developed specifically for the dental industry to provide efficient, high quality, medical metal surface optimization solutions, solving the “last step” in dental metal polishing.

Would like to check more about the Weshining machine model? Click here.


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