Brand-new automated titanium polishing system launched

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Weshining presented the first titanium/cobalt chrome all in one automatic polishing system for dental at 27th Dental South China Exhibition, one of the biggest dental fair, from 2-5 March 2022 in Guangzhou.

TP Series – Specially created for titanium surface treatment
At the exhibition, Weshining was presenting the new TP series

Weshining all-in-one automated polishing system for titanium surface treatment:

-Fewer processes, saving at least 40% in polishing costs

-Higher efficiency with at least 40% increase in productivity

-Higher brightness for a significantly improved user experience

-Lower loss, preserving the original design to the greatest extent possible

-More environmental friendly, using safety and eco consumables

Customers are very interested in the new model and would like to know more about how to help in their production.
Check the polishing result

At a time when titanium oral restorations are becoming increasingly popular, having the TP-Series all-in-one automatic polishing system will provide your production line with an efficient and economical solution to post-processing problems. This means that the TP-Series will be the most ideal choice for dental production centers and dental laboratories.

27th Dental South China Exhibition has come to an end, but our connection will never end. Weshining will continues to explore the field of automated metal polishing with the vision of “Easy Polishing, Better World”. In the future, Weshining will bring you more expectations and surprises! We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Would like to check more about the Weshining TP series? Please feel free to contact us.


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