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Chromium is a metal that is often used in restorative dentistry. Its high strength, low allergenicity and low taste interference make chromium very popular in the oral market. Most of the denture and denture frames on the market today are made of chromium.

However, the oral cavity is a special environment, cobalt, chromium and other metal oral prostheses placed in the oral cavity for a long time are prone to other adverse reactions due to corrosion, so the metal surface should be polished to reduce the corrosion of the metal in the oral environment.

Necessary of dental chrome polishing

Polishing dental repairs made from metals such as chromium can reduce the adhesion and accumulation of bacteria and food, improve the corrosion resistance and extend the service life of the restorations. Chromium alloys are capable of generating a passivation film on the metal surface, which enhances the corrosion resistance of the metal. This passivation film is related to the polishing method of the metal surface, so the polishing method is one of the important factors affecting the corrosion resistance of chromium alloy.

Ways of dental chrome polishing

Contemporary dental chrome metal polishing usually has mechanical, electrolytic and chemical methods, and different polishing methods will have different effects on the corrosion resistance of chrome metal.

Mechanical polishing can significantly reduce the scratches on the metal surface, improve the morphology of the surface, and have better anti-corrosion properties. Electrolytic polishing has no visible scratches, but irregular structures protruding from the metal surface can lead to reduced corrosion resistance. Chemical polishing on the surface of the metal improvement effect is not much, after polishing the surface still exists more scratches, corrosion resistance is poor. Mirror polishing is the most ideal polishing method, can minimize the release of metal ions and can obtain a more smooth and beautiful surface, the strongest corrosion resistance.

Benefits of automated chrome polishing systems

There are two ways to polish chrome metal today, manual polishing and automatic polishing.

Manual polishing of products such as chrome dental frame requires a longer work cycle and a certain level of skill, which means it’s more expensive. The automatic polishing system developed by Weshining, is the ideal choice for today’s dental polishing:

– Reduce manual labor in the chrome polishing process to save labor costs.

-Save working time required to polish a denture frame to improve the overall productivity.

-Enhance the safety in the production workroom and reduce the risk of worker safety.

-Better matched with metal additive manufacturing to achieve a more efficient automated production line.

The more complex the geometry of a metal part, the better the results of automated polishing compared to manual polishing, and the automated polishing system developed by Weshining is well suited to handle a large number of complex oral repairs parts, reaching every part of the complex metal workpiece.

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