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Metal polishing is a processing technology that treats the surface of metal items to improve their fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and make their surface roughness decrease filling surface pores, scratches and other surface defects and look smoother and flatter. At present, metal polishing is mainly done in two ways: manual polishing and automatic polishing.

Manual metal polishing

Manual metal polishing is the most traditional polishing method. The manual operation is flexible. However the technical requirements of workers are high. It requires workers with some work experience to be able to do the job. Manual metal polishing is affected by the environment, air, pollution and other factors, resulting in insufficient capacity. Most importantly, it is difficult to maintain the consistent production quality of batch products by hand, which is not suitable for the demand of large-volume production. At the same time, in the manual metal polishing process, it will produce sand, iron chips, dust and other waste materials, causing serious harm to the environment.

Automatic metal polishing

With the development of the times and technology, metal polishing technology has also entered the “industrial revolution” of automation. Automatic metal polishing machine production process is relatively simple, easy to operate, not only greatly save the cost of human and material resources, but also to protect the safety of the operator. Moreover, automatic metal polishing is not subject to the constraints of the external environment, to ensure the stability of production capacity and product quality.

Automatic metal polishing for dental

In the dental field, the metals commonly used for denture frames are cobalt-chromium, titanium and stainless steel. In the traditional way, there will be blind areas that manual polishing cannot handle.

In order to improving the polishing result and efficiency, Weshining, a leading manufacturer in the field of metal polishing machine, has developed different polishing solutions to meet various demand in the dental, which help dental labs produce in a digital and automatically way.

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