New Chapter in Industrial Polishing — The Grand Launch Ceremony of the 2024 TCT Asia Exhibition Weshining Polishing System

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The grand TCT Asia 2024 – Asia’s 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Exhibition – was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, China from May 7- 9th, 2024,.

This international event gathered top experts and industry leaders around the world to create a comprehensive additive manufacturing ecosystem, offering a technological feast of sparking ideas and intellectual collisions for the global 3D printing industry.

Weshining Technology, as a leader in the metal surface treatment industry, proudly debuted an industrial-grade large automatic polishing system at the Shanghai TCT Asia 3D Printing Exhibition. This system provides automated and standardized metal surface post-processing solutions for mass production, particularly suitable for high level development and exceptional quality in the metal polishing field. Whether for large-scale production or various complex situations, we have strength to meet the special needs. 

Weshinning polishing system employs innovative polishing technology, with carefully formulated solutions and system optimizations that have significantly improved stability and polishing performance.

 It delivers higher brightness and more uniform polishing effects, especially for metal printing, casting, and CNC workpiece polishing.

Crucially, this system fully considers the tolerance range of each workpiece, to ensure effective maintenance of finesse and precision.

With its large-capacity operating platform and highly automated process design, this system offers flexibility and reliability for industrial-scale metal workpieces.

This system effectively control and reduce the impact of wastewater and emissions produced during manufacturing processes, which makes it an ideal choice for many labs who prioritize environmental protection.

Guangdong Weshining Technology Co., Ltd is a transformation enterprise of scientific research achievement by Guangdong Sciences Academy in 2022.

Weshining Technology is a leading supplier and full solution provider for eco-friendly polishing. So far,  we formed an entire industry chain including R&D, scientific research, production, marketing and sales.

We provides customers with a full range of metal polishing technology solutions, including: equipment, polishing services, raw materials, technical services, etc.

With our rich professional experience in metal surface treatment, we continue to innovate for aerospace, energy power, biomedical, dental and automobile manufacturing.

Insisting on user-centered and market-foucused, we help customers achieve optimal solutions by reducing production costs and improve efficiency and product quality to create value.

We will continue to focus in technological innovation, constantly enhance technical strength and service level to provide customers with top-quality products and services and contribute to the vigorous development of world-wide green surface treatment technology.

We eagerly look forward to customizing the most perfect production solution for you.


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