Benefit From An Innovative Polishing System Designed For
Green Surface Treatment

Thanks to Weshining Polishing Technology, you'll find an efficient, high-quality and low-cost polishing treatment for complex shaped metal workpieces

Innovative Polishing System For
Complex Shaped Metal Parts

Polymer Polishing System

Innovative Polishing System With New Media

Weshining polymer is a polishing system suitable for high efficiency and excellent surface treatment. With our own-developed media,it accurately removes substances at rough peaks and maintain the part’s shape.Whatsmore,it handles blind corners that cannot be touched by mechanical polishing to achieve the best effect of uniform and high glossiness in surface treatment.

Plasma Polishing System

Environmentally friendly And Efficient Solution To Replace Traditional Electrolytic Polishing

Weshining plasma polishing technology is an advanced method that uses plasma to remove nanoscale materials from metal surfaces, making the surface smooth and shiny. Its material removal speed is 10-30 times faster than traditional electrolytic polishing. No corrosive chemicals, no harmful emissions. It is currently an ideal choice for 3D printing or additive manufacture metal to do finishing in a reliable and environmentally friendly way.


Weshining Polishing System has unparalleled advantages in polishing metals and alloys.


Efficient Polishing For Mass Prodcution

Outstanding advantages in automation and standardization, which can process multiple workpieces simultaneously in a shorter polishing time to improve production capacity.

Consistent Results of Complex Shape Parts

Handle the internal space of workpieces that cannot be mechanically reached and achieve a uniform and consistent mirror surface of the workpiece.

Lower The Production Costs

Weshining process is half of the traditional one, with shorter polishing time and a maximum energy consumption reduction of 99%. It can greatly reduce fixed production costs such as labor, tool consumables, land occupation and rent.

Green and Environmentally friendly

Verified environmentally friendly consumables, no harmful to health and the environment. Waste can be easily processed through standardization. The entire process is safe, environmentally friendly, and reliable.

Excellent Polishing Effect

Surface roughness (Ra) reduced by 15 times.

(Titanium-based bone implant case)
Before After

For Material

Weshining system is widely used and handles various types of metals no matter easy or difficult processing.


Titanium is hard, sturdy and wear-resistant, but difficult to polish due to its high thermal expansion rate. Weshining system can reduce the thermal expansion rate.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is durability and wear resistance. Due to its low conductivity, it is difficult to polish using traditional electrolytic techniques. Weshining system can enhance its conductivity through an oxide layer.

Co-Cr Alloy

Cobalt chromium has high hardness and corrosion resistance.It is widely used, but it is difficult to polish due to its high melting point. Weshining system can remove the heat affected zone and reduce the melting point.

Nickel Alloy

Nickel alloy is sturdy and wear-resistant, with a wide range of applications, but it is difficult to polish due to its high thermal conductivity.Weshining system can remove materials without generating thermal damage.

Weshining Polishing System

Your best partner in metal surface polishing, helps you improve workflow and achieve an automated manufacture.

Plasma Machine for SS


High capacity, increase productivity by 4 times, suitable for industrial product manufacturing.

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Plasma Machine for Co-Cr


High efficiency and affordable, suitable for small metal parts in dental and medical business.

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Plasma Machine for both Ti and Cocr


Combo model for handling Titanium and Cobalt Chromium parts need mirror surface.

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Weshining Polishing Is Your Reliable Partner in Green Surface Polishing

Weshining polishing system is designed for the post-processing of metal parts after casting, milling and additive manufacturing. As a professional polishing machine manufacturer in China, Weshining has been in innovative polishing technology over 9 years, handling projects of different scales and complexities from small to large production.

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